Serverless Postgres

Neon is a fully managed Postgres with a generous free tier. Neon is built for the cloud - it separated storage and compute to offer autoscaling, branching, and infinite storage.

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Made for Developers

Create a new Neon cluster with a single command:

$ psql -h
  • Scalable

    Compute scales dynamically to ensure that you are ready for peak hours.

  • Cost Efficient

    Compute scales down to zero on usage and hot storage offloads to S3 for cost effiency.

  • Easy to Use

    Fully managed serverless PostgreSQL starts in seconds.

On Demand Scalability

Neon separates storage and compute to deliver on the serverless promise. Compute activates on an incoming connection and shuts down to save resources when there's no read or write activity.

Compute is fully client-compatible with PostgreSQL because it is PostgreSQL.

On the fly reconfiguration for Compute is coming soon.

Elastic Storage

Neon stores data across a fault tolerant scale-out Storage built from ground up. It integrates with S3 to store cold data for cost optimization. This architecture ensures high availability and makes Neon storage "bottomless". Neon handles backups and checkpoints and provides point-in-time recovery out-of-the-box. Neon Storage is implemented in Rust.

Data Branching

Neon allows to instantly branch your PostgreSQL database to support a modern developement workflow. Create a branch for your dev and test environments for every code deployment in your CI/CD pipeline. Branches are free so that you can branch for every code deployment in your CI/CD pipelines.

Not an ordinary PostgreSQL as a service

Neon supplements Postgres with features essential for modern application development.

  • Reliable

    Neon Cloud provides high availability without a maintenance burden and a need for expert advice.

  • Auto-Backup

    Incremental auto backup functionality keeps your data safe 24/7.

  • Open Source

    Check our repository on GitHub. We develop in public under the Apache 2.0 license.

Perfect for SaaS

SaaS vendors using Neon maximize cost savings and convenience. Neon minimizes the cost of maintenance for inactive customers. Neon removes the need to over-provision by fitting the customers into the predefined under-utilized instance sizes.

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